Sales-pavilions and sales kiosks -     
sell where the people are …….

Assuming a prominient position, they attract customers like a magnet and increase your turnover.

What are we talking about?

A Pavilon or kiosk from Hofmann, Freudenberg, of course!

Kiosk 6x3,5 Meter

Kiosk 4,8x5 Meter

Kiosk 6x3,5 Meter

Pavillion 5x6 Meter

Kühltheke mit Kontaktkühlung

The illustrations demonstrate not just how well the sales units blend with the surroundings or how well they can be positioned on the surrounding area of a supermarket but also how they function as a magnet for even more customers.

The kiosks with a connecting sales window to the outside customers are ideal for smaller snack bars, selling, for example, sausages and chips. The larger units, usally known as pavilions, enable a wide range of possibilities in the area of fast food and grills. On offer – a variety of sausages, hamburgers, chicken, chips and salads to cater for all tastes. A range of drinks to accompany the dishes goes without saying.

All interior fittings are ready-for-use according to your wishes, planned to enable optimal efficiency. In addition to air-flow refrigeration, cooling units for meat products without air-flow are available as well as contact refrigeration.

The sales kiosks are available in polyester sanwich units, thus durable, weather-resistant and maintenance-free. The kiosks can be transported by fork-lift truck and easily transported and manoevred. In addition, a roller system is available to enable the kiosks to be moved at the point of sale.The special floor construction enables the units to be placed on frost-free areas without foundations.
Even larger steel-constructed pavilions remain mobile. With the help of a crane they can be easily moved. We recommend foundation strips to improve statics.

Of course, Hofmann kiosks and pavilions can be equipped with interior decor specifically for bakery services, either solely for the sale of bakery products or in combination with a café. The complete furnishings are integrated in the system, for example, hot air ovens, fermentation units, coffee machines, bar units, bread shelves, cake shelves, display units and much more. The 45 years of Hofmann’s experience in this area means that we can deliver units perfectly designed for optimal visual effect.

Pavillion 9x7 Meter


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