Mobile market stand VHA 900 with extending roof

The sale of textiles provides particular demands on market stands. With the mobile sales unit VHA 900, based on the Iveco Eurocargo Type 120 EL 21 Hofmann presents unit in the 12 tonne-class, for the sale of textiles.

The basis for the immense superstructure which can be extended to a length of 18.6 m is a 12 tonne lorry, equipped by Hofmann with an air-suspended and lowerable low frame chassis. The height of entry is thus minus 500 mm in a horizontal position. A ramp is integrated into the vehicle’s floor to enable the clothes stands to be moved into position, ready for transport.

The superstructure is constructed from the tried and tested, top-quality100% polyester-sandwich construction.

Here some striking examples:
The compound floor is 23 mm thick. The under side is protected from the elements by a 1.5 mm sheet of GFK. The walking area is fitted with the slip-proof coating (level R 10). The walls and roof as well as flaps are 40 mm and 65 mm thick respectively and are strengthened by 65 mm aluminium and steel struts.

The sliding element, also a GFK-sandwich construction, can easily be extended to a length of 6,5m thanks to the service-free Hofmann castor system. The rear side is fitted with a sales counter. Transparent windows have been let into the roof to allow more light into the sales area. Lighting elements remain in the roof and walls and are pulled out with the extendable part of the construction.

The flaps open electrically and are equipped with gas-filled struts. In the area of the extension before and after the wheel casings the walls can be folded down, enabling free access to the sales unit.

One of our biggest challenges was to incorporate the presentation area of 18.6 m x 4.2 m for transport on an area of 9 m x 2.3m.

2.3 m. This was made possible via the electro-mechnanical lifting unit which conveys the clothing stands to the upper area, allowing a two tier transportation.

Despite the phenomenal dimensions the sales unit remains under the gross vehicle weight limit of 12 t and 5 t net load. A spezial attraction of the VHA 900 is that the whole construction can be set up, including the presentation of the goods within 20 minutes.

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