Mobile sales from a hundred compartments

The mobile textile trader requires space and facilities for a varied programme of sales items. We offer boxes, cupboards and shelves as seen on the illustration. More cupboards are to be found above the side flaps.

This vehicle is ideal for the specialist textile trader with a large number of different products. For this reason the Hofmann-polyester-superstructure was developed to be fitted on to the12 t IVECO Eurocargo chassis. The vehicle has a rear-wheel drive and has a length of 1120 cm. To enable an entrance height of just 500 mm a Hofmann low frame chassis with air suspension has been used.

The 920 cm long sales unit is constructed from a 100% polyester-sandwich construction with a reinforced aluminium frame. The sales flaps are opened hydraulically, as are all of the side flaps giving access to the sales area. The covering of the corner elements (rain and wind elements) also open automatically.

The internal furnishings are specifically designed and constructed according to customers’ wishes and requirements. The cupboards at the back of the sales room are fitted with aluminium shutters and can thus be completely shut. Additional cupboards are to be found above the sales flaps and as inserts for the door.

The finally constructed unit has an unladen weight of approximately 8 t. 4 t of goods can thus be transported. The air suspension on the rear axle can be used to balance the unit when stationary.



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