Sales success with Hofmann’s mobile chicken grill

Hofmann’s mobile sales units have enjoyed international success for two primary reasons. Firstly, they look so inviting that customers are automatically drawn to them and secondly the units are equipped to such a high standard that the sales person can easily serve customers and operate the grill simultaneously.

The units are easy to maintain with the latest in catering technology, something which is repeatedly confirmed by our customers. The integrated grills up to 5.2 m in length are equipped with 4 x 11 spits which can hold 5 to 6 chickens each, affording tremendous grilling capacity.

Ready prepared chicken spits from the refrigerated unit can easily replace empty spits. All controls and switches are operated from the sales side of the vehicle, making the service flap superfluous. The integrated gas bottle depot has ample capacity for a day’s supply. It is also possible to integrate an external gas tank which is filled externally.

The grills are powered by front-wheel drive vehicles, for example, as from Fiat, Peugeot and Citroen. Hofmann provides them with a low-level frame chassis and the superstructure
This combination then weight’s no more than 5.4 tonnes, allowing the use of a 5.2m four part grill possible. Larger vehicles up to a total weight of 12 tonnes can also be delivered, based on a rear axle drive system.

The internal furnishings, with lighting, refrigeration and grill are enclosed, as well individual internal and external design. The hygienic and long-lasting polyester sandwich superstructures have long been standard in the Hofmann range.




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